September 23, 2019,   10:08 AM

6 Rituals To Feed Creativity

Ranya Al-Husaini


creative people at work

Being creative means producing or using original and unusual ideas—it is the ability to create something new rather than imitate something that already exists. This requires persistence, hard work and consistency.

Creativity is not an easy thing—it is an ongoing process. The more you plant confidence in your capabilities the more you will understand that practice makes perfect. And your confidence will grow each time you successfully face failure.

Here are 6 ways that you can become more creative.

Never stop learning

Going through cycles of researching and connecting information will not only enrich your mind, it will also help you build different perspectives. The whole process of grasping a new idea, technique or just acquiring a new knowledge will make you aware of what’s going on in the world around you, how things operate, and how things come together for a better solution. Being inquisitive will enlighten your path toward asking meaningful questions, and questioning things will stretch your mind and teach you to never take things at face value.

Implement more hope into your routine

Hope, is not just positive energy—it is a spiritual journey of energizing your inner system. Being hopeful requires inner wisdom, faith, and strength. Injecting hope to your daily routine will not promise to fulfill long-life dreams, but the more you feel compelled to try harder each time you fail, the longer you will stay on your creative journey. Failure will not put you off, but challenge you to stay persistent.

Practice more mindfulness

Being at peace or mindful is another level of cultivating your creative genius. Many people find that practicing yoga helps ideas to flow. Make sure you cut yourself off from distractions. Be somewhere that you find peaceful. Playing relaxing music in the background could help to release tension, stress or negative self-talk.

Become uncommon every day

Take a random step, discover a new road, a recipe or even a game. To become creative, you need to understand that any block in your mind will hinder you from creativity, so train your mind to override blocks. Training your mind to say yes to something new every day. Injecting some change into your daily routine will act as a catalyst to your thinking patterns. The basic concept here is the validity of working without any limitation or restriction.

Understand the power of organization

Un-clutter when it gets rough; learn the wisdom of clarity. Only when you are clear will new ideas unravel. Clear your desk, cabinets or space from distractions. Clear your mind from worries or thoughts of the past. Become a new wave of exuberance. Using colors to organize, schedule a plan, or update your decor or clothing style can have a powerful effect on your mind, self and creativity. For example, a yellow hue can energize your body, whereas blue and green relax the mind.

Be a wanderer

Travel more—traveling has a way to your mind. Wandering can help you will learn new techniques and skills. Visiting new places can teach you how to become more innovative. Different experiences will make you richer in knowledge. Keep a diary as you travel, notice a new color, a new building, or even an authentic cuisine. Take note of the differences you experience, and gather memories from the places you travel like a souvenir.



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