Thomas Brewster


3 days ago

Fraudsters Made $2 million In 4 Months Selling Fake Airbnb, Uber And Lyft Shares, DOJ Claims

An 86-year-old investor was one victim of an organization that sold fake pre-IPO shares for hot tech companies, prosecutors claim.
4 weeks ago

Avast Hacked Again As Spies Steal Its Passwords

Avast says it's been hit by a sophisticated attack that relied on using pilfered company passwords.
1 month ago

Apple Mac Hack Warning: North Korea Uses Fake Cryptocurrency Companies To Break Into macOS

Apple Macs are under attack from cryptocurrency-loving North Korean government hackers, according to researchers.
2 months ago

iPhone Hackers Caught By Google Also Targeted Android And Microsoft Windows, Say Sources

Google’s and Microsoft’s operating systems were targeted via the same websites that launched the iPhone hacks, according to anonymous sources.
3 months ago

A Multimillionaire Surveillance Dealer Steps Out Of The Shadows . . . And His $9 Million WhatsApp Hacking Van

Intellexa chief, Tal Dillian, is talking up a new age of openness in the spyware industry.
By Thomas Brewster 36 min read
7 months ago

Millions Are Being Lost To Apple Pay Fraud—Will Apple Card Come To The Rescue?

Millions of dollars have been lost to fraudsters exploiting Apple Pay loopholes left open by banks. Will the new Apple Card close the door on credit card fraud?
By Thomas Brewster 14 min read
7 months ago

Omnisense: U.S. Intelligence-Backed Startup Claims It Can Predict Cyberattacks Days Before They Happen

What if you could be warned about a scam email even before it arrived in your inbox? And what if you knew exactly what it would say and what it would do?
By Thomas Brewster 11 min read
11 months ago

Marriott's 500 Million Hack Blamed On China -- Should You Believe It?

China has denied any hack of Marriott  that exposed 500 million individuals' personal data.